"What is Truth" by Larry Newman

While colors are based in the objective world for color to be color it must be internalized and made a subjective experience. ...In the myriad aspects of interconnected steps that occur to place the knowledge that something is green into our awareness the one spiritual and purely human act is that of giving meaning. ...It is just a tree, an objective thing, but when you look at it … it is more. The subjective reality of the tree, what it means to you, is an integral part of its perceived existence and yours. ...Like a seed that is preserved, waiting to be placed in an environment where it can grow, truth is the seed of God’s life waiting for fertile ground. ...With empirical truth, like a tree in our yard, we can impart meaning and the meaning is purely subjective, it is us overlaying the colors of our perceptions on the tree. ... The care that must accompany us in our encounters with spiritual truth is to find the color of the intended meaning and not just supply our own. ...If we are presented with ‘Peace’ as a spiritual truth, we understand it to be an aspect of God that he is communicating to us. ... If peace is spiritual truth communicating the nature of God to us we must BECOME peace. That which is presented to us as objective truth must find root in us and create the life of God within us. ...Whether it be the words of Christ or an object lesson in daily life if the Spirit of God choses to be involved and uses the truth to inspire, life will result.
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Wednesday, 16 June 2021
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